Land Surveyor

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Land Surveyor

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Choosing the right land surveyor is a vital component of any real estate purchase. Whether you are buying residential or commercial property, an accurate survey will save you time, money and frustration before, during and after your purchase. The worst thing that can happen to you after you have purchased property is to discover that the boundaries of your land have been miscalculated. This can result in expensive legal fees and financial disaster if buildings, fences or concrete slabs must be removed.

When you choose Hilmer& Associates, LLC, you can leave those worries behind! You will be benefiting from their thirty years of experience providing commercial and residential services as a land surveyor to hundreds of clients in Oconomowoc, WI. You can be certain that the results of your land survey will be thorough and accurate. Using the latest technology available, Hilmer & Associates, LLC gives you their commitment of rapid and reliable service at a competitive price!

A land surveyor provides an extremely valuable service to property owners and potential property owners. If you are a typical homeowner, you may need the services of a land surveyor only occasionally. On the other hand, if you are an attorney, a real estate broker, an engineer, an architect, a major utility company, or a public agency, you are more likely to require the services of a professional land surveyor quite often. Whichever fits your situation, Hilmer & Associates, LLC is your best choice!

When choosing a land surveyor in the Oconomowoc, WI area, you want a professional like Hilmer & Associates, LLC, who are experts in providing the following services:

• ALTA (American Land Title Association) land surveys • ACSM (American Congress on Surveying and Mapping) mapping services • Topographic surveys • Land title surveys • As built surveys • Boundary surveys • Plat of survey • Certified survey plat • Condominium plat • Subdivision plat • Wetland lineation location • Building permit approval surveys • Lot line and tree location surveys Hilmer & Associates, LLC, will also provide professional surveys for the following certifications: • FEMA elevation flood certification • Foundation certification • Footing certification When seeking an experienced land surveyor in the Oconomowoc, WI area, look no further than Hilmer & Associates, LLC. They will tackle all your surveying needs at competitive rates you can afford. Don’t trust the accuracy of your property boundaries to just anyone—choose a land surveyor with a proven track record. Choose Hilmer & Associates, LLC.